Spray curatare monitor 8 OZ. iKLEAR:

Spray curatare monitor 8 OZ. iKLEAR

IK-8 H
  • 8 ounce spray bottle of iKlear cleaning fluid.
  • Non toxic, safe to use around children and pets.
  • Anti-static formula, non-flammable
  • Cleans all optical surfaces safely.
  • Will not harm coated screens, safe to use on oleophobic and hydrophobic touch screens.
Klear is an anti-static, alcohol & ammonia-free product that provides a wide range of applications not found in any other single product. iKlear will safely clean and preserve your Apple Computer products. iKlear was developed exclusively for Apple users, and only the Klear Screen formula is recommended by Apple Tech support for cleaning your iPod, iBook, PowerBook, iMac, and Apple Cinema Display screens and cases.
EOL (produs discontinuu)